Star of Siam wine list

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White Wine - Rose Wine - Red Wine
Fizz & Sparklers - Champagne

White Wines

1 Star of Siam Chardonnay
The ultimate House Wine - dry crisp and refreshing (ABV 13.5%)
175ml glass £3.25 250ml glass £4.50 Bottle £12.95

2 Los Vilos Sauvignon Blanc
Juicy tropical fruit flavours with a zingy mouth feel and a dry finish.
Bottle £14.95

3 Ca Solare Pinot Grigio Light and slightly nutty everyones favourite (ABV 12%) (Italy)  
175ml glass £3.50 250ml glass £4.95 Bottle £14.50

4 Domaine de Luche Chardonnay Golden coloured buttery smooth with fine fruit through out. (French) Bottle £15.50

5 Kleindal Bouquet Blanc Medium white, very aromatic nose with a nice touch of sice (South Africa) Bottle £14.95

6 Aldridge Estate Semillon Chardonnay
Evenly balanced soft fruits with a full palate and long finish. (Australia) Bottle £15.50

7 Wine of Good Hope Chenin Blanc (South Africa) Bottle £15.95
An excellent example of South Africa's white grape variety.  Full and delicious!!


Rose Wines

12 Rioja Vega Rosado (Spain)
Strawberries and cream in a glass (ABV 12.5%)
Bottle £14.50175ml glass £3.50 250ml glass £4.95

13 Santa Digna Cabernet Sauvignon Rose (Chile) Lovely deep pink well devepod wine with strong, ripe flavours. Highly recommended! Bottle £15.95


Red Wines

14 Star of Siam Cabernet Sauvignon (Chile)Perfectly balanced with blackcurrant aromas & suttle tannins.  Easy drinking & morish.
Bottle £12.95 175ml glass £3.25 250ml glass £4.50

15 Maison des Pourthie Merlot Fantastic light French Merlot, succulent berry and damson flavours fill the senses, soft and approachable Bottle £14.95

16 Principe de Viana Garnacha (Spain) Stunning wine from Navarra medium bodied easy drinking  Bottle £15.50

17 Klippenkop Pinatage (South Africa)  Deeply coloured, earthy & spicy. Crushed blackberry fruit with a full, savoury finish. Bottle £15.50

18 Aldridge Estate Shiraz Merlot Black fruits with slight spice in the background – brilliant!
Bottle £13.95

19 Klippenkop Pinotage Intense full bodied red with hints of smoke
Bottle £13.95 Top

Fizz & Sparklers

8 Robe D'Or Brut Bottle

9 Marquis de la Cour Rose Bottle

10 Prosecco ca Vittoria
Bottle £16.50


11 Jean Pierre Marniquet Brut Reserve
Bottle £33.00


Star of Siam bar menu

Beers - Soft Drinks - Aperitifs & Cherry
Whisky - Malt Whisky - Cognac
Liquers - Spirits

Bottled Beer

Singha (Thailand) £2.80
(Thailand) £2.80
(Italy) £2.80
Westons Oak conditioned cider, Medium Dry £3.10
Westons Oak conditioned cider, Medium Sweet £3.10


Soft Drinks

J20 Apple and Raspberry £1.90
J20 Apple and Mango £1.90
J20 Apple and Melon £1.90
J20 Orange and Passion £1.90
Fresh Orange Juice £1.30 glass
Fresh Pineapple Juice £1.30 glass
Fresh Cranberry Juice £1.30 glass
Lemonade £1.00
Diet Coke £1.10
Coke £1.10
Appletize £1.90
Tonic Water £1.20
Soda Water £1.20
Sparkling Mineral Water (small)
£1.20 Sparkling Mineral Water (large) £2.50
Still Mineral Water (small) £1.20
Still Mineral Water (large) £2.50
Squash (Orange, Blackcurrant, Lime) £0.50
Ginger Beer £1.60


Aperitifs And Sherry (50ml measure)

Dubonnet £2.00
Martini Extra Dry £2.00
Martini Bianco £2.00
Martini Rosso £2.00
Tio Pepe £2.00
Harveys Amontilado £2.00


Whisky (35ml measure)

Jameson £2.30
Famous Grouse £2.30
Jim Beam £2.30
Jack Daniels £2.50
Southern Comfort £2.50


Malt Whiskey (35ml measure)

Cragganmore £2.80
Laphroaig £2.80
Glenfiddich £2.80


Cognac (35ml measure)

Frapin V.S.O.P £3.60
Martell V.S.O.P. £3.60

Liquers (35ml measure)

Cointreau £2.70
Drambuie £2.70
Glayva £2.70
Midori £2.70
Tia Maria £2.70
Malibu £2.30
Archers £2.30
Baileys 50ml £2.60


Spirits (35ml measure)

Gordons Gin £2.30
Bombay Sapphire £2.30
Smirnoff Vodka £2.30
Dark Rum £2.30
Morgan Spiced £2.30


Menu and prices are subject to changes
without prior notice